Exhibition spaces

Exhibition space for events

The infrastructure of DonExpocentre includes 3 exhibition pavilions with a total area of 8,400 sq.m. (3500 sq.m., 3500 sq.m., 1400 sq.m.) and 15 000 sq.m. open areas. Advanced engineering solutions of the closed exhibition pavilions with a total area of 8400 sq.m. fully meet the growing demands of the exhibition business, allow us to realize the boldest projects of our exhibitors, conduct bright presentations and promotions. 15 000 sq.m. open territories "DonExpocentre" make possible the holding of large-scale events, demonstration of large-sized machinery and multi-tier structures. The hall is equipped with the following systems:

  • power supply system - 5-wire 3-phase electrical wiring, 14 lines (7 per hall), maximum load per line 50 kW;

  • water supply system;

  • compressed air supply system;

  • air conditioning system;

  • automatic fire extinguishing system;

  • modern heating system;

  • access to the Internet - the pavilion is equipped with wireless access points to the Internet by Wi-Fi technology, in addition, it is possible to bring a dedicated fiber-optic line to the stand.

Regarding the reservation of premises:

Тел. +7 (863) 268-77-67


Price-list (pdf)