Italian cafe

It would be desirable to have a rest from noisy city bustle in pleasant relaxing conditions and to take pleasure in refined taste of the present Italian dishes? The Italian cafe La Galleria is at your service! In a European way, the restrained elegance is distinctly observed in the atmosphere of the establishment. Here everyone will like a cozy atmosphere and a subtle graceful taste, which can be seen even in the smallest details of the interior. Magnificent Italian cuisine, professional service and comfort are offered here at democratic prices, allowing anyone who wants to move to sunny Italy for a while! Each visitor is a welcome guest who is expected and taken care of. You have a unique opportunity to enjoy first-class cooking of both European and Italian cuisine. It does not matter if our guest wants to taste succulent meat on the grill or order one of 6 kinds of pizza or 10 varieties of pasta - gastronomic delight is guaranteed! .

Tel. 206-68-46