Hotel Regulations

Rules of accommodation

The hotel is intended for temporary residence of citizens for a period agreed with the hotel administration. After the expiration of the agreed term, the resident must release the number at the request of the administration. If you want to extend the period of stay, you must inform the hotel administrator not later than 2 hours before the check-out time - 12 hours local time, if there are available seats, an extension is possible.

The working hours of the Topos Congress Hotel are 24-hour.

The hotel room is provided to citizens upon presentation of the passport. At the request of the consumer, one person can be provided with a double room with full payment of the room rate. Reservation for a room is available from 13:00 hours to 12:00 hours the next day, i.е. of the estimated hour.

The hotel administration has the right to conclude a contract for the reservation of seats. In the presence of free places, the administration accepts booking requests from legal entities and individuals in writing. When booking, accommodating or with a free settlement, the guest chooses the category of the room, and the right to choose a specific number belonging to this category remains with the hotel administration.

Payment for accommodation and services in the hotel, including insurance premiums, is carried out at free (contractual) prices, approved by the hotel management. The payment for accommodation is charged in accordance with a single settlement hour - from 13 hours of the current day by local time.

In case of free settlement without reservation (necessarily availability) for 1 day a guest can live up to the hour of his settlement of the next day, accommodation for more than 1 day is made in accordance with the basic rules of accommodation in the hotel.

For stays of not more than 24 hours, the fee is charged per day regardless of the time of arrival and departure.

If the delay of departure is not more than six hours after the check-out time (from 12.00 to 18.00) an hourly payment is charged, with a delay in departure from 18.00 to 00.00, payment for half the day is charged. If delayed departure is more than twelve hours, payment is charged per day. The guest's delay in the reserved room after the hour of departure specified in the booking notice is allowed only upon agreement with the administrator of the accommodation service.

Unguaranteed booking - payment upon accommodation with reservation until 18:00 of the date of arrival;

With guaranteed reservation, payment is made before the guest's arrival by cashless transfer or by paying the services at the ticket office before the guest's arrival.

A guest's absence is the failure to appear before the estimated hour of the day following the day of the scheduled arrival, a late cancellation of the reservation is considered the cancellation of the reservation less than 24 hours before the estimated hour of the scheduled arrival. In case of non-arrival or late cancellation of the reservation with guaranteed reservation, the hotel will issue an invoice for accommodation at the rate of the daily rate.

For the use of additional services an advance payment of 500 or 1000 rubles is charged.

At the request of the residents, the administration allows them to stay in the room until 23.00 hours;

Change of towels and toiletries is done daily, bed linen is changed every 3 days.

The hotel provides residents with the following types of free services:

  • calling an "ambulance"

  • taxi call

  • wake-up call

  • provision of sewing accessories

  • boiling water

  • delivery of correspondence to the number upon receipt

The right to special accommodation in the hotel, subject to availability, is:

  • Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, full cavaliers of the Order of Glory;

  • invalids of the 1st group and persons accompanying them (no more than one person); Other categories of citizens in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation

  • participants of the Great Patriotic War, invalids of the 2 nd and 3 rd groups and persons accompanying them, settle in the hotel first of all, in process of clearing places

Resident must:

  • the order of residence established in the hotel;

  • keep clean;

  • strictly observe fire safety rules;

  • when leaving the room, close the water taps, windows, turn off the lights, radio, TV;

  • compensate damage in the event of loss or damage to the property of the hotel in accordance with applicable law.

The hotel does not allow:

  • leave in the room unauthorized persons, as well as transfer them a key card from the number;

  • keep bulky things, flammable materials, weapons;

  • rearrange the furniture in the room;

  • consequences of tobacco consumption

  • violate the peace of the guests living in neighboring rooms;

  • be in a state of intoxication;

  • use obscene expressions;

  • violate the peace of the guests living in neighboring rooms;

  • loudly talk, sing, violate the peace and quiet of the guests and hotel staff;

  • bring guests after 23:00;

Breakfast is buffet style. The number of breakfasts corresponds to the number of paid nights of accommodation.

The administration guarantees to those who live safely the personal belongings in the room, provided that the order of accommodation in the hotel is observed. In case of discovery of forgotten things, the administration takes measures to return them to their owners.

The book of comments and suggestions is at the reception desk of the Reception and Hotel Accommodation and is issued at the request of consumers.

In the absence of the client at the place of residence for more than a day (according to his estimated hours), the hotel administration has the right to create a commission and make an inventory of the property in the room. Material values ​​in the form of cash, precious metals, valuable documents, the administration takes under its responsibility.

In the event of complaints from the consumer, the administration takes all possible measures to resolve the conflict, as provided by law.

In cases not provided by these rules, administration and the consumer are guided by the current legislation of the country-region Russian Federation.

In case of violation of these rules by the guest, the hotel administration has the right to refuse to stay or visit the hotel.